sammyface (yououghta_know) wrote,

isn't it so odd when you realise how much your life has changed in such a short space of time. well is 8months a long time or a short time...
i havn't posted on here since last bloody july and it seems my lifes been abit of a rollarcoaster ride since then. i mean that was before zante round 2 and reading festival, before daddy was in hospital, before i hacked off all my hair, before we got bex, before me and gary broke up, before being given tablets for the depression, before the best night of the year- halloween at edge, before being told i'd changed for the better and have a glow now, before knowing carly, before epic xmas, before knowing what gary had done before we broke up, before cassie screwed danni over and changed all our friendships, before living for the weekend...

you get the picture anyways. lifes different.
i'm abit of a mess if i'm honest. pushing myself, burning the candle at both ends. living for the weekends and wasting all my money on having a good time. by the end of the month i have nothing to show for all my slaving away, just more dresses and empty wine bottles and a whole lot of photos. its like i'm a mission to self distruct and i can't stop and i won't stop cause this is me. i have the rest of my life to grow up and be normal, nows the time for laughing/crying/drinking/dancing/partying right?!
i could go on for a while but i think i'll stop for now...
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