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i found a huge pile of old photographs last night, amazing how a photo can trigger a memory and make you feel things you havn't felt in so long. texted ben and tld him i had some classics of him i wanted to scan in and post on the internet to be told he probably had worse ones of me. ha don't wana start a war so i think they'll just stay in my room til hes back from uni and then i can show him.
i'm a firm believer that if someones meant to be in your life, that they will be. they'll just keep reappearing, and some people pop up in a number of photos and others just don't. they're obviously not meant to be here.
i stayed up til past 1 last night. had a sudden burst of energy and needed to organise some of my pics. chloe bought me an album for xmas last year and put some show ya bones piccies in so i thought i'd carry that theme on and fill it with photos of the crew. man we've had some mental times, it made me smile but also sad cause we're just not the same people anymore. i'll always remember those girls saved me when i needed saving the most. i hope they'll be some of the people that reappear when i need them even if they're not always around.
i got abit creative with the album, scribbling lyrics and stuff all over the inside covers, some of its silly, some of it means a hell of a lot, but its all special...
whenever i hear these songs i'll always think of my girls, team amazing!
"best friends means..." taking back sunday.
"i want you to know that i miss you, i miss you so" finch.
"your my ticket outta loserville" son of dork (hahaha remember when we saw the hott one in the bar at gian and he had facial hair and wasn't so hott)
"and i'll take your hand and pick you up, and keep you there so you can see, as long as your alive and care, i promise i will take you there" the used.
"you make me wana la la" ashlee simpson.
"bye bye beautiful, don't bother to write" coheed.
"raise your fingers for one last salute" f4af.
"i'd still pick my friends over you!" nfg.
"baby is this love for real?" head automatica.
"can't go down by myself but i'll go down with my friends" my chem.
"your just another star" bullet.
"THIS IS A VIOLAAAAAAATION!!" (you have to yell that one) alexis.
"swear to shake it up if you swear to listen" panic.
"whose sleeping on my side of the bed tonight?" atreyu.
"in every circle of friends theres a whore..." hahaha. cute is what we aim for.
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