sammyface (yououghta_know) wrote,

i feel really down today, well tonight. i can't even explain it really. don't really have anything to be upset about, saw my sarah and lucy tonight which was lovely. we ate and window shopped and looked at all the naughty stuff in the jokeshop and ann summers. need to start seeing them more, this time last year we was so much closer. i hate not seeing certain people enough. i feel so out of it sometimes. i hate sitting in with just my thoughts for company. really wish i'd been paid already. tomorrow night is guna be awful, i can't sit still lately, maybe i'll just come in and go straight to sleep. blot it all out? the rest of the week will be ok, seeing carly thursday if shes well enough and then friday, saturday and sunday too i plan on drinking til i can't see or remember...
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